AZNU Tyre Softener

        AZNU Tyre Softener was initialy developed especially for drag race application, as many tracks were banning the use of 
  traction compound like VHT to speed the meetings up. It is also being used for all types of motor racing from Go Karts to 
       This product is applied to the race tyres whether they be slicks or treaded tyres at least 24 hours prior to the race 
  to soften the rubber back to original specification and sometimes even better than when new. A 'NEW IMPROVED FORMULA' was 
  introduced in late 1998 and has proven to give even better results than before. So rest assured that AZNU Tyre Softener has 
  the latest technology included.


Technical – Help Department

        Our Technical Department is available to service our customers for more hours than any of our competitors:
              Australian East Coast Time
              Monday to Friday 7.30am till 6.30pm (sometimes later - give it a go)
              Most Weekends 8.30am till 4.00pm (how nice is it to get advice when
              you need it most - whilst actually at a race meeting).


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