OZNOS Frequently Asked Questions:

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If you have a question, email us and if it is not a specific application and a general one, we may even add it to this list

Things you need to know!

        Note, the following information answers some of the more commonly asked questions on nitrous oxide; for precise details relating to your 
specific application please contact the manufacturer - OZRACE PRODUCTS. 
Contact details are available throughout this web site.
How it works?
        When fitted to the vehicle as per the instructions, the kit is activated when, and only when, the toggle switch and bottle are on and the 
driver is at full throttle. When you back off the throttle, the nitrous is automatically switched off. Horsepower is created by burning fuel in the
correct mixture with oxygen, thus with the addition of both Nitrous Oxide and fuel to the mix, the oxygen in the Nitrous Oxide gas is effectively 
allowing the burning of the extra fuel you are adding more horsepower than usual.

Is there a kit for my vehicle?

        OZRACE PRODUCTS manufacture kits for most applications and can provide kits suitable for a wide range of vehicles including 
motorbikes, rotary engines, LPG or even alcohol and fuel injected engines - if it has a spark plug in it, you can put nitrous on it!. Kits 
are available in either under carb plate systems or custom built direct port systems. Kits available from 25 to 800 horsepower.

Can I run nitrous on a methanol motor?

        The OZRACE Camaro has run successfully and consistent with an OZNOS Progressive kit on our 555 cubic inch motor running a Ron's Terminator   
methanol injection system. We have run it with all combinations, all methanol, methanol and hydrocarbon fuel. The advantages of running the motor 
on methanol are: it is far more economical with methanol at less that a dollar a litre compare to those exotic fuels at around seven dollars a litre 
and  your motor runs a lot cooler and you will also be ready for the next round of racing without having an overheating problem.
We have found that the money we will save on fuel, will pay for the Ron's System in about two years of racing.

The cost of Nitrous Gas

        Nitrous Gas will last 10 seconds per lb of gas per 100 HP, your  local BOC agency will rent you the bottle and exchange for refills. 

Where do I get my Ron's Injection System?

        OZRACE PRODUCTS is the factory appointed Australian Distributor for Ron's Racing Products.
These systems are so easy to use and tune compared to all the variables and adjustments that come with carburettors. So just give is a call and we     
will be only too pleased to look after you.
They come with everything, from the fuel filter to the shut off cable, you just need to add the fuel lines.

Does it cause any engine stress?

        OZNOS kits are all designed to be used on standard motors and then, with specific modifications, allow more horsepower to be added. As long       
as you follow the instructions, provide an ample fuel supply and stay within your motors rev-range there will be no adverse effects on your engine. 
Remember the three OZNOS Rules:
1. Do not over horsepower your engine.
        Motor:                 4 cylinder             6 cylinder             V8
        Cast Pistons:          Up to 50HP.            Up to 100HP.           Up to 150HP
        Forged Pistons:         up to 100HP.           Up to 150HP.           Call for details
        Hypereutectics Pistons are not recommeded, as they are brittle.
2. Do not over rev your engine.
        It is better to short shift, this will actually give you a quicket ET.
3. Do not run the engine lean.
        Leaning an engine down to gain more horsepower is questionable, as a lean mixture will burn parts. Read your spark plugs, if they show a       
little colour then you should be OK, if the porcelain is all white after a run then you are on the verge of burning parts. Better to go to the         
next higher horsepower setting to gain the extra power, rather than hurting something.
The use of a Nitrous Filter is optional but higly recommended to prevent any damage to the solenoid seat via foreign matter (such damage is not     
covered under warranty). Under ANDRA regulations it is now compulsory to run a sintered bronze nitrous filter 
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