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HoldenV8 Race Fuel Pump & Accessories


To the left is a photo of an assembled pump and the

42530 kit packed on an OZRACE card.

After purchasing the 42530 kit you will need an original

Holden pump body top, the arm that goes into the cam and

the small spring on top of the arm inside the top body to

complete your new race pump.

 Please Note: To gain full benefit from this kit it is 
 critical that you follow the instruction especially 
 with regards to stretching the diaphram during  final

                Holden V8 Mechanical Fuel Pump 
        Because there were no Drag Racing Competition Meetings being held in New South Wales between 1997 and 2004 we got a bit 
  bored; so we have ventured into Speedway. Don't start yelling, we still support and love the straight line adrenalin rushes 
  but needed something to keep us occupied till the Sydney Track was built. 
       Early in 2000 we purchased an AMCA Nationals Car, these run a Holden V8 engine and as we could not find a mechanical 
  fuel pump that would feed enough methanol we decided to build one to suit.
       This High Volume/Pressure mechanical pump (Part Number 42530) has been track tested and proven more than adequate.  
  It has also been popular with the show car people because of its good looks. The kit includes everything except the original 
  top housing, pump arm and spring.
       This kit will deliver 7 to 7.5 P.S.I. of fuel pressure through the complete rev range, so no regulator is required. The beauty 
  of a mechanical pump is the more you rev it the more fuel you get.
       We do not list a flow rate as there is no set industry standard (set RPM to measure the flow rate). If we measured our 
  flow rate at a particular RPM, the next person could say their item was better by measuring it at a higher RPM.
       Rest assured that this pump was track tested for over twelve months before being put on the market in 2001 and has now 
  been used by numerous racers as well as many high performance street cars since then with more than adequate results.




                                                              Fuel Pressure Gauge  Made in Europe (not a cheap Asian brand)

                                                                                            Specifically for us.
                We also manufacture a Booster Spring (Part No. 40050) for the Holley Electric Fuel Pump. And with this item installed 
  into the Holley Blue it performs just short of the latest Holley Black Pump - Check the price, you will see it is a more 
  economical than the alternative.
  Technical – Help Department
       Our Technical Department is available to service our customers for more hours than any of our competitors:
              Australian East Coast Time
              Monday to Friday 8.30am till 5.30pm (sometimes later - give it a go)
              Most Weekends 9.30am till 4.00pm (how nice is it to get advice when
              you need it most - whilst actually at a race meeting).

  Frequently Asked Questions

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