HI-PRO product details


Hi- Pro-Power


This product is different from the other Octane Boosters on the market as it also has “TBT” Total Burn Technology, 

  with the added advantage of burning all the fuel product, this also assists in lowering the possibility of detonation.  

Technical – Help Department


        Our Technical Department is available to service our customers for more hours than any of our competitors:
              Australian East Coast Time
              Monday to Friday 8.30am till 5.30pm (sometimes later - give it a go)
              Most Weekends 9.30am till 4.00pm (how nice is it to get advice when
              you need it most - whilst actually at a race meeting).


Frequently Asked Questions

        The more commonly asked questions about Nitrous Oxide have been collected on the one page. To view the FAQ (Frequently 
  Asked Questions)please click on the link below.


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