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        The owner of OZRACE, Rob Madden has been in drag racing for over 58 years. The cars pictured on the home page are some of 
  the toys he has had during that time. Among them there is a Nationals Winner, a National Record Holder, Australia's Fastest 
  and Quickest registered street car during the early to mid 1990's and one of his current toys.
  It is through these vehicles that various products have been developed and continually improved so that our customers can 
  get the best results.


         This may seem a little self indulgent, but we thought it would give you a better insight to our company and why we do 
  things a little different.
       Our company was started in 1977 originally as A-1 Performance in the town of Wollongong N.S.W. Australia as a speed shop 
  owned by my wife (Gayle Ann) and myself (Robert W. Madden). In 1979 we had a customer request we import an I.C.E. Nitrous 
  Kit. We were already selling another brand which we bought from a local importer. Anyhow, we called I.C.E. in Tucson Arizona 
  and Bill Wheatley said buy 5 and I will do you a deal, so we did, then 10 at a time, then 20 at a time, and so it went on. 
  Well in 1983 I.C.E. was sold to Ram Automotive and they already had a distributor for their clutches, so also offered them 
  the Nitrous, we did not want a price war so went to Magnum Plus Kits out of Houston. In 1984 we closed our Speed Shop and
  concentrated on importing as 75% of our overheads were retail, and 75% of our sales was wholesale of imported products, and 
  this was reasonably successful until 1987.
       In 1987 whilst at Magnum Plus one day I notice a package being sent direct to a Speed Shop in Australia (we held an 
  agreement of being the sole W.D. in Australia), so I decide that we need to manufacture our own kits. We ordered a twelve 
  month supply of Solenoids and Braided Hose out of the U.S. (using the previous years figures) and set up a display at the 
  Australian Street Machine SummerNats. At this time we also figured that if we made them more affordable we could sell more 
  kits. Previously the retail price on an adjustable kit was $829, we put our kit on the market at $529. Seven weeks later we 
  had to re-order parts, and at the eleventh week we are out of stock - so for the next eighteen months we had to air freight 
  all our parts to try and keep up, eventually we had enough money to prepay for the parts three months before we need them -
  so back to sea freight.  One of the reasons it took so long was that we work on a small profit margin and concentrate on 
  volume of sales - our way of thinking is that it is better to sell a product twice at five dollars than once at ten dollars
  this way both the customer and us are five dollars richer.
       We figured that we were such a success because we had done the full circle, we could appreciate the Speed Shops point
   of view as well as the Distributor and now the Manufacturer. With this knowledge we can be fair to all parties. And obviously
  our WRITTEN LIFETIME WARRANTY has not hurt us, in fact our product failure rate is so low that we see no reason to change
  our warranty time.
       Next we manufactured the Line Locks, as a racer myself I could not see the sense in having a non-repairable line lock, 
  so we were the first with a rebuildable line lock, and we did not know the Americans were keeping an eye on us, because
  within twelve months they were offering rebuildable line locks as well. By the way ours is still the only one that comes 
  complete with the fittings, tube nuts and all, see our Line Lock page for more details.
       In 1993 we set up manufacturing in the U.S. to offer our services to the American people. A Nitrous company that also
  offers other products. We now have over 30 years of sales and experience in the Nitrous business.
       Thank you for taking the time to read this page, now we are ready to look after you with the integrity that will be a
  pleasure to you all.
                                  Yours Sincerely
                                         Robert W. Madden 
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