Line Lock product details

        The OZRACE PRODUCTS Pro Series Line Lock is the first of its kind 
to be rebuildable and the only one to come complete with all fittings 
needed for installation. The Pro Series Solenoid used have been specially
engineered for instant release, very critical when being used in 
conjunction with a transbrake (actually the quickest releasing Line Lock 
on the market) so the racer benefits with better reaction times and for 
total pressure control capabilities.
        The OZRACE PRODUCTS Line Lock also will in no way adversely effect 
the braking capacity of your vehicle.

Technical/Help section.

        Our Technical Department is available to service our customers 
for more hours than any of our competitors:
Australian East Coast Time
Monday to Friday 8.30am till 5.30pm (sometimes later - give it a go)
Most Weekends 9.30am till 4.00pm (how nice is it to get advice when
you need it most - whilst actually at a race meeting).

Frequently Asked Questions.

        The more commonly asked questions about Nitrous Oxide have been 
collected on the one page. To view the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
please click on the link below.

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