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Part No:80040, 100-150-200-250 Adjustable Kit                                                             Part No:  80010 Progressive Add On Kit

Customer Review: Hi guys,

            I have been a Oznos nitrous system user for approximately 25 years. I have used  the same plate system on 4 different vehicles from an 11 second street car to a 9 second SS/AA car, which is a testament to the quality and durability of the system. I have been away from racing for a few years and with the completion of my next racing vehicle, I am hoping to return later this year. My problem is, in the time between racing, I have misplaced my single stage jetting chart. I was hoping that you would email my a replacement copy.

Thanks for a great product and the years of enjoyment. Cheers Greg.

Greg we have emailed the information you needed - thank you for your kind words. Regards Rob Madden

'OZNOZZLE' Plumbed Kits to suit all applications:
From single throttlebody EFI vehicles, to mountain motor Pro Mod Doorslammers.

    Above is a typical installation of our "Signature Series" Kit and an image of the "OZNOZZLE" and each nozzle is 
capable of flowing 200 horsepower.
Custom Colour ‘OZNOZZLE’ Kits
We will build your OZNOS nozzle kit with all the aluminium fittings to your choice of colour (from the range listed below) to give 
that special look - to gain show points - or just to be different - colour coordinated to match your engine bay or car colour. 
      Custom PURPLE Nozzle Kit
  Choice of Colours:
  Currently our standard colours are Blue 
  Nozzles with Blue nuts and sleeves on 
  the nitrous side and Red nuts and sleeves 
  on the fuel side of the kit - you can also 
  order your kit with all Blue fittings.
  Note: You can also send us all the 
  aluminium fittings you have for your motor 
  and we will anodize them the same colour.  
  This can also be done to your used or 
  second hand fittings on the motor.
      - make it all look new.
 This alone is testament that our kits are among the best produced. All OZNOS kits are adjustable, the reason being is that we 
 know after being in the Nitrous business since 1979 (see home page for a little history on OZRACE PRODUCTS) that if a customer
 is sold a non adjustable kit to suit his stock engine with around 100 horsepower, he will come back within a short period of 
 time and say I want to go quicker. The last thing he wants to hear is "Sell the original kit and purchase an adjustable one 
 with more horsepower settings". We sell you what you need the first time, even if you do not realize it at the time.
       This is the reason every OZNOS kit is adjustable. We have Kits that start at 20 horsepower going all the way up to our 
'80216 Signature Series Kit. This kit is a three step progressive kit capable of delivering up to 1000 horsepower from eight 
-             Yes! only one nozzle per inlet runner.
 It is also possible to fit more than one kit to deliver even more horsepower, but this is only possible if you have a motor 
 that is capable of accepting what we can deliver.
 So whatever are your requirements, talk to the people at OZNOS and we will be only too pleased to assist you. 
       We also manufacture a full range of Nitrous accessories. From little things that just to make it easier to use, as our 
stainless steel bottle brackets that you can lift your bottle vertically out of, instead of having to bend those other types 
       We also have  
 Bottle Warmers back in stock
Nitrous Pressure Gauge
Nitrous Filter
               Plus many more items
(refer our product/price list)
Technical – Help Department.
        Our Technical Department is available to service our customers for more hours than any of our competitors:
              Australian East Coast Time:
              Monday to Friday 8.30am till 5.30pm (sometimes later - give it a go)
              Most Weekends 9.30am till 4.00pm (how nice is it to get advice when
              you need it most - whilst actually at a race meeting).
              You MUST QUOTE your Kit Serial Number to receive free technical advice.
              So be sure to forward your us warranty page. This our record of who is 
              entitled to free technical help.
Frequently Asked Questions.
       The more commonly asked questions about Nitrous Oxide have beencollected on the one page. To view the FAQ 
(Frequently Asked Questions) please click on the link below.
       Click here to view the OZNOS FAQ page.  
        Click here to return to the Home page.  



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